Frances in a yoga pose

Meet your teacher Frances!

Frances has been practicing yoga since 1990 while she was a primary school teacher. Slowly yoga started to take over. Eventually Frances became more disillusioned with the education system and finally left teaching altogether. Yoga provided a structure in her life that would prove transformational.

Frances began teacher training in Edinburgh in 1995. She studied with senior teachers Elaine Pidgeon and Meg Laing and qualified at Introductory level in 1997. She went to Pune that year to study with the Iyengars directly.

Why Yoga?

Intrinsic motivation is key to my learning and teaching of yoga. Learning for the sake of learning has been vital in deepening my knowledge of yoga. Twenty years on, and 3 children later, I now hold a Senior level 1 certificate. Yoga is the thread that weaves my life together. From my younger self as a trainee teacher and my study of natural nutrition, it is clear that everything is connected. Yoga made me understand the potential vitality that is latent in everyone. Nutrition has helped me develop that potential in another pragmatic way: it is the fuel that harnesses the yoga practice. This ethos of clean living has extended to my choice of materials used in the new studio. I chose to have a bamboo floor and to use natural cleaning materials. These are made locally by my sister who runs the company ‘Humblestuff’! I also use only non-toxic candles and essential oils to make the studio as welcoming as possible. All this together makes the Yoga Extension an inviting space to practice yoga.

What’s your favourite yoga asana (pose)?

Malasana!!!! This pose returns to each syllabus and is therefore a key pose in understanding forward bends and backbends.

What’s the asana you like least?

Malasana – at first when a pose is difficult, avoidance is the best way to deal with it. But sooner or later you cannot avoid it anymore!!!

How can we improve at yoga?

A little consistent home practice, starting from even 2 minutes a day, topped up with regular classes will offer huge personal rewards.

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