In addition to THE YOGA EXTENSION our building is full of wonderful individuals, offering complimentary services:     

Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill

Virginia is a shiatsu practitioner who has developed a unique, energetic style to her treatments. Discovering the practice over 30 years ago before deciding to dedicate her career to Shiatsu in 2004. Her lifelong fascination with bio-mechanics and the mind-body-connection was inspired originally by her previous career as a ski instructor.

It continues to influence her work every day as a shiatsu practitioner where her knowledge and finely tuned ‘ki’ (energy) sensitivity allows for a personal and harmonising experience for the recipient.

Virginia is an accredited member of The Shiatsu Society. You can contact Virginia at

Her contact number is 07765 603540.


Bara Hreidardsdottir

Bara is an Advanced Myofascial Release Practitioner. Bara is an experienced therapist who previously ran a successful clinic in Reykjavik, Iceland before moving to Scotland.

She has a Diploma in Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy and basic Kinesiology (touch for health).

Bara holds a Masters Degree / Honorary Diploma from the Massage School of Iceland and has undertaken training in natural nutrition.

Contact Bara on 07740464248


Natalie Ventilla

Natalie is a Shiatsu Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist.

Shiatsu has been her main passion and focus since beginning her journey with it in 2016 at ‘The Glasgow School of Shiatsu’ where she is now training to teach.

She believes Shiatsu allows her to work holistically with a deeper, energetic understanding of the body. Offering a remedial element whilst calling upon the ancient wisdom and technique of Chinese Medicine to work with the mental, emotional and spiritual energies too, often finding that physical aches and pains are manifestations of something deeper and concealed.

Natalie is an accredited member of The Shiatsu Society


Lee Sowerbutts

Lee is a level 3 Personal Trainer.

Lee is an experienced physical mentor and sports remedial therapist. He believes the key to health and well-being is a rounded holistic approach, combining strength and conditioning, movement, nutrition and rest.

Lee specialises in creating programmes for clients who are aiming to make a change to their overall lifestyle and health using a variety of training techniques to fulfil each individual’s personal goals.

Lee believes in a balanced approach to nutrition – free from restrictive unrealistic diets – and a training schedule inclusive of rest and recovery.

Lee can be contacted by email at or by mobile on 07763 389306.


Janis Murray

Janis combines interests in both Western & Eastern disciplines, to offer an Holistic approach to massage. She has a broad range of qualifications, with Diplomas in Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stones, Swedish, Remedial / Sports and Deep Tissue.

Janis often follows a cross-disciplinary approach, combining elements, resulting in unique treatments. Whether you want to rebalance, reduce muscle tension, tackle stiffness, headaches or pain, boost injury recovery or are longing to de-stress, Janis would love to see you.

To book a treatment follow this link.

Frances McKee

Frances McKee

Frances is a qualified Naturopath and studies Astrology.  She believes everything is connected and uses her knowledge to enhance her yoga teaching. For more information, contact Frances at


Andrew Paine

Andrew is a qualified NLP Coach, Careers Coach and is currently training to become a Psychotherapist. For more information on Andrew’s services, contact him at

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