Yoga equipment on the floor

Do you love the idea of trying out yoga but feel a little nervous / self-conscious about attending that first big class?  

Perhaps you’ve been practising for a while and you’re ready to go a little deeper?  

Whether you’re a complete beginner or accomplished yogi, a one-to-one session could be the answer. 

Frances and Andrew offer one-to-one sessions. Their goal is to share the wisdom of yoga with you, so you have tools to add to your other forms of self care.  

At a one-to-one class we will: 

  • Teach you the basics 
  • Refine your yoga postures  
  • Ensure correct alignment 
  • Strengthen specific areas of body 
  • Calm the mind.  

We can also work with you to tailor make a home-practice sequence to suit your body and lifestyle. 

Please contact Frances & Andrew directly to discuss and book at

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