“I have been practicing at the Yoga Extension for a year now and started off as a complete beginner. I’ve found Frances, Andrew and the other teachers absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable, humble, down to earth people, with a great sense of humour. This is a true Yoga studio, as they inspire and motivate students. Lessons are always fun, but also very thorough, methodical and there’s always lots of advice, guidance and recommendations to hand if your struggling with a particular pose. The studio is clean, tidy and there’s plenty of equipment available to borrow. In just a year’s time, it has significantly helped improve my strength and flexibility. The practice has bettered me as a person in body and mind and I find myself looking forward to each session, as it brings me peace during my busy day. If you’re interested in precision and alignment, then look no further than Iyengar Yoga at the Yoga Extension!”  

Rocco Giudice

“I cannot recommend this yoga studio highly enough. Frances is inspirational. Her teaching style is honest, involved and encouraging. In the relatively short time, 2 months, that I’ve been attending Frances’ classes, I’ve made great progress within my practice. I would recommend this studio and the teachers for practitioners of all levels – life changing!”  

Morna Robertson

“A great studio if you are looking to start yoga! Very encouraging patient teachers, each bringing their own methods to classes to help you improve. Beginners classes are very informative and a great place to start and general classes have helped me to improve and push myself further every week. They have equipment avaliable to use in the studio and they also offer online classes if you cant make it in person!”  

Lauren Rankin

“I’ve been attending classes at the studio for years, and highly recommend it and the teachers. Frances has a wealth of experience and caters to all levels, ensuring that you leave each class feeling restored and renewed.”

Nalini Paul

“I started many years ago doing yoga. My yoga teacher retired and I was looking for a new place. I tried so many places for a few years after that and had given up hope as all the places I had tried were treating yoga as an exercise/gym class. Yes yoga is a form of exercise but to me it’s spiritual and about the movement of energies. I found this place by chance and haven’t looked back. I have attended various classes throughout the years. Currently I attend a Saturday and Sunday class with Andrew. Andrew is a great teacher and is also funny. Just the perfect start to a weekend – great yoga class and having a laugh. A good mix of people and all very nice. Place is lovely spacious, airy and clean. They have all the equipment as well but you can bring your own if you prefer. Frances has also arranged retreats on a yearly basis. I attended one of them and had a fabulous time. Great food, great company and lots of yoga. They also arrange other events and have I have also attended a few of them and really enjoyed them. Lots of different classes with lots of different teachers so you can try and see what suits you. They have been great during the pandemic as started zoom classes so we have all being doing yoga at home.”

Rupali Bahanda 

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