Why is Iyengar a great place to begin your yoga practice?  

Iyengar Yoga creates building blocks that enable you begin at your level of entry, no matter how stiff, how old or young, how busy. 

We focus on you and how your body responds to the practice. Progress can be as fast or as slow as you would like it to be.  

We are trained to deal with any challenges. Classes are progressive. We understand the difficulties and therefore promote a culture of ‘can do’, by breaking down the barriers, both physical and mental, so that you can gain mastery over your unique body. 

Yoga builds your strength and stamina, improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture and calms the mind.

Regular practice develops awareness and concentration and promotes general wellbeing. There are numerous documented health benefits of yoga.

We are First Floor, The Studio, 5 Newton Terrace Lane, Glasgow, G3 7PB

We highly recommend buying a pass. Not only is it cheaper but it will give you an opportunity to experience the depth of Iyengar Yoga, as every class is different and every week
is different.

We now have our Wellness Living Booking System.

You will receive an email approximately one hour before class is set to begin, which will outline the equipment you will need to have for the class.

When you get to class we would ask that you position your camera so that we can see you clearly, which will enable us to assist you as much as possible.

Please book in advance using our booking system.

Arrive 10 minutes or so before the class and buzz the first floor (Yoga) for access.

Please be aware that the studio is on the first floor and we do not have lift access.

We ask that you leave your shoes at the bottom of the stairs in the shelving provided.

Once in the studio, you will see an area to get changed and a room where you will find equipment.

Please turn your phone off and head into the studio space.

The teacher will let you know anything else you might need!

Any equipment can be borrowed.

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement and bare feet! Shorts/leggings and a t-shirt are a good place to start if you are brand new to it.

Yes…if you have been practicing yoga before you have become pregnant wait until the 14th week. Your teacher will be familiar with your practice and can guide you safely through your pregnancy. HOWEVER if you have not done any yoga before, you should STILL wait until your 14th week and attend a specialised pregnancy yoga class (which we don’t run).

Many students start practising with back pain, or other common ailments, and they find yoga helps. Tell your yoga teacher about any injuries, recent surgery or health problems before the class starts. Regular yoga classes are not suitable for students with certain medical conditions. Please inform the centre and your teacher before starting classes if you have any of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease or any heart problem
  • Epilepsy including Petit Mal
  • Cancer or benign tumours
  • Diabetes
  • Ménière’s disease
  • Detached retina
  • AIDS
  • MS (multiple sclerosis)
  • ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)
  • If you have recently had an operation
  • If you are pregnant or are undergoing IVF treatment

Having any of these conditions does not mean that you cannot practise yoga or that it will not be able to help you. If you are in any doubt or have any concerns about your ability to do yoga, please contact theyogaextension@gmail.com

Definitely not!

Definitely yes! Iyengar yoga is suitable for all ages.

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