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Before we launch our new Yoga for Teenagers class, we thought we’d share some of the benefits of yoga for people at this age.

“I found yoga with Frances really relaxing, especially during exam time at school. I became so focused on my breathing and technique that I completely forgot all my exam stress. I loved this class and miss it now I’ve moved away for uni, but I still use all the technique tips I learnt in the class! “

Mamie, age 18

How can yoga help teenagers?

Although yoga has many benefits for anyone at any stage in their life, yoga for teenagers can have a huge impact on development. Yoga helps to strengthen bones and muscles. When one reaches the adolescence stage, the postures can be approached with more time and concentration than when one is younger and the body is still developing.

Other benefits include;

Improved Mood And Cognitive Functioning

Yoga has been proven to improve mood and changes how stress, anxiety, and fatigue are perceived. It can also help improve cognitive functioning, especially the individual’s memory.

Better Posture

A lot of the yoga asanas or postures enable you to improve your posture. Teenagers and children who carry heavy backpacks often have a ‘hunched over’ posture when they sit or stand. The use of phones and working at computers all have a similar impact on the body…Yoga poses help you maintain an upright posture, which strengthens the spine.

Improved Concentration

The breathing exercises in yoga improve concentration. Yoga teaches teenagers how to use their breath to stay focused on the task at hand.


Some teenagers find the stress of exams overwhelming. For others it is acute shyness or poor body image. Yoga allows them to connect with their body and this improves self-image.

“Iyengar yoga has been an excellently cathartic past-time for me since I was 14 years old, providing me with a readily accessible means to relieve stress and both physical and psychological tension. If you want to experience strong yet relaxing stretches, there’s no reason not to give Iyengar yoga a shot.” Louis, age 18.

Everything connects

With yoga all the muscles, joints and major internal organs are stimulated and balanced. If you are a high performing athlete or a ‘couch potato’, yoga offers a well-rounded practice that can bring about the maximum state of health with minimum effort…

“Maintaining the postures for a period of time brings about internal, hormonal and cellular changes.”

Dr. Rita Khanna

The fun of it

And one last thing I forgot to mention…it is really good fun and will set you up for life!

“When I started yoga I was in my twenties. But I had poor body image, no confidence and no energy. Yoga began to change all that and I am glad to report that I am stronger, fitter, wiser and so much happier now than I was almost twenty five years ago. I think that is pretty incredible and it is all thanks to yoga.”

Frances – Iyengar Yoga Instructor, age – not telling

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