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I want to share with you why I practice and teach Iyengar Yoga. If I was to start yoga now in 2017, I would be baffled by the amount of choice available. Although it is fantastic that there is so much yoga available, it also raises a few questions:

  • What is suitable?
  • What do all these different styles actually mean?
  • Can I do this as a complete beginner?
  • What qualification does the teacher have?
  • How much experience does the teacher have?

A trusted teacher

With Iyengar yoga you will first of all find a teacher who has been rigorously trained. Before they can even begin to teach they need to have been practicing for a minimum of 3 years but usually, they are encouraged to wait a little longer before embarking on teacher training. The training course itself lasts two years. The art of teaching yoga cannot be accomplished over a short period of time. It evolves as your practice deepens and this simply takes time.You can read more about our teachers’ experience here on our site.

Props tailored to you

Iyengar yoga differentiates between students in a class. Not every student can do the same thing and often some support in the form of blankets, belts or blocks are given to a student who would benefit from this. Sometimes a prop is used to deepen a pose and to feel a stronger movement in a specific area.

Clear class levels

Iyengar yoga is progressive and you can build up slowly towards more advanced poses. If you are a beginner your practice will begin by understanding the body via the standing poses. This helps us to gain strength and flexibility. Attending a level 1 class you will know that you are not expected to do a headstand for example. We build on skills and in such a way that confidence emerges.

Creative classes

There is no set sequence in Iyengar yoga. This makes each class unique and interesting and ensures that a wide range of poses are taught. Every part of the body will have the opportunity to open, strengthen and stretch. It does make home practice more difficult at first, but there are plenty of books that offer advice on sequences. This calls for greater creativity from the class teacher who must sequence poses in a way that deepens understanding.

Your teacher is also a student

Iyengar yoga is a lifetime development. Teachers are encouraged to continue their learning through more advanced qualifications. Every Iyengar teacher is constantly developing their own practice under the guidance of their own teacher so you know you are in safe hands. Even after teaching for over 20 years, I still attend classes to keep my knowledge and practice fresh. I hope this will benefit you in each class I teach.

Now to try Iyengar Yoga!

I hope that you feel reassured about what Iyengar Yoga offers you as a yoga practitioner. Whatever your level, there is a class suitable for you at the Yoga Extension. We can’t wait to see you there soon!

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