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Thoughts on Pune…the end of week one

Although it has been a full week since arriving in Pune the days are spinning by quickly. My first shock was the airport. Twenty years ago this was no more than a one room terminal. Now it is modern and huge!

I forgot there was still another almost 4 hours from Mumbai to Pune. And unfortunately, I do get car sick! It was one long traffic jam for about 2 hours which gave Valerie and I the opportunity to see how little had changed with the poverty situation. A real incongruity between the modern airport and the living conditions…

Arriving in Pune

We arrived in Pune around 4.45pm on Friday 1st December, a full 24 hours from leaving Glasgow. We decided to go straight to the Institute to register and find out our timetable for the month. Our first class was to be that night. Pranayama. I am so glad I went as afterwards I felt the best I had felt in two days.

The next day began with the women’s class with Abhijata, Mr Iyengar’s granddaughter. She is young, dynamic and commanding. The class certainly woke me up. There is equal importance given to self-practice as attending class so later that day we returned for that.

There is a very friendly atmosphere in the institute which allows you to feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.

I have paid a little extra so I can observe classes. My first one was the children’s class on Sunday morning. It was fast and furious and amazing to witness. You can see how the system is rooted from these early years and how it develops the discipline so that some of these children will become the teachers of the future.

Prashant has been teaching the other classes and his approach is very different from Abhijata with more focus on the philosophical aspect of yoga. He programs far fewer postures within the two hour class but we hold them for a long time. This is an excellent compliment to our other classes and self-practice.

The weather is delightful and it is hard to remember that it is December as Christmas feels like a distant memory.

I only have one complaint and that is the traffic. There are no rules to the road so it is a question of nerve and dare. Wish me luck…

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