The Studio

Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Frances Mckee, established the Yoga Extension, Glasgow, in 2006. The studio moved from Jordanhill to its current home between Charing Cross and Finnieston in December 2016.

The Yoga Extension is open to students with all levels of practice and experience. With a bamboo wood floor and lots of light, the new studio has ample space for up to 20 in each class. There is a changing area and toilet facilities available.

We provide all equipment and yoga mats, but you are welcome to bring your own. You can also purchase mats and equipment from the studio for your home practice.

Looking for a workshop venue? Our studio is available to hire from £25 per hour, with discounts for day and weekend bookings. Email Frances to find out more and book.

Our Teachers

Frances McKee - The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow

Frances Mckee

Studio owner, Frances, has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for over twenty years. During this time she has learned how yoga can help maintain and improve health. You will learn these skills in class. Frances has run her own studio in Glasgow since 2006.

Frances gained her Introductory Level Certificate in 1997. In the same year, she studied at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune with Prashant and Geeta Iyengar. Frances also holds a Senior Level 1 qualification and is qualified to run introductory to intermediate level classes. Read the blog post about Frances!

Andrew Paine - The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow

Andrew Paine

Andrew has been practising yoga for over 13 years and has been teaching since 2010 in Glasgow.  He gained his Iyengar Junior Intermediate Level 2 in 2015.

Andrew’s classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. You can join him on beginner yoga courses throughout the year and regular weekly classes. Check the Events section to find out the next start date. You can read our blog to find out more about Andrew’s yoga journey and his favourite poses. Yoga can also find Andrew on Facebook.

Gillian Turner - The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow

Gillian Turner

Gillian has been practising Iyengar yoga for 20 years. She holds an Introductory Teaching Certificate. While training, Gillian assisted many Senior Iyengar Teachers. Gillian loves sharing her experience and continuing her learning with yoga practitioners.

Gillian is particularly interested in assisting others access yoga. She also enjoys supporting people in sustaining a yoga practice. It can be hard to balance one with the demands of day to day life.

Valerie Miller Iyengar Yoga Teacher Glasgow The Yoga Extension

Valerie Miller

A lifelong interest in dance initially attracted Valerie to the grace and beauty of the yogasana. Valerie became a teacher in 2005 and holds a Junior Intermediate Level 3 certificate.

Valerie finds constant challenge and delight in the never-ending exploration of body, mind and spirit that yoga brings, regardless of age or physical ability. Through teaching, Valerie feels privileged to share the benefits of Iyengar Yoga.

Charlott Rodgers - Pregnancy yoga - The Yoga Extension Glasgow 2

Charlott Rodgers

Charlott has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for more than 18 years of which she has been teaching for 12. She has studied with Geeta Iyengar in Pune in 2006. Charlott gained her intermediate level 2 certificate in 2009.

Charlott has a background in complementary therapies and has a special interest in yoga for pregnancy and the post partum period. She has two ‘yoga monkeys’ at home born 2012 and 2016 that keep her on her toes.

Catriona Macleod - Teacher at The Yoga Extension

Catriona Macleod

Catriona has been practising Iyengar yoga for 10 years, and gained her Introductory Level 2 Teaching Certificate in 2016.

Catriona finds Iyengar yoga to be the perfect antidote for the stiffness incurred by working at a desk job and cycle-commuting. Her teaching draws on the methodical Iyengar approach, focusing on alignment and gradually building flexibility and stamina at your own pace.

Sarah Hunter - The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow

Sarah Hunter

Sarah has been practising Iyengar yoga at the Yoga Extension for 7 years. She started classes with little previous yoga experience and worried about being inflexible. But, she soon realised that this did not matter at all. The Iyengar method of teaching was a perfect fit. Sarah enjoys adapting her teaching for all abilities, making yoga accessible for all.

Sarah passed the Introductory Level 2 assessment in 2016. She joined the Yoga Extension teaching team shortly after.

Iyengar Yoga

At the Yoga Extension we specialise in Iyengar yoga. B.K.S. Iyengar created Iyengar yoga and was one of the key figures responsible for the popularity of yoga in the West. His method is now the most widely practised in the world.

What makes Iyengar so special?

Iyengar yoga is accessible to anyone. Regular practice increases suppleness, strength and stamina and improves posture. It also aids concentration and quietens the mind to promote well-being.

The Iyengar yoga technique emphasises precision and alignment. We prioritise the quality of movement over quantity. You learn to move with ease in your body while working within your limitations. This makes the yoga postures (yoga asanas) safe to perform. We hold yoga postures for longer than in some other styles. This allows tight muscles to lengthen and relax. We also use yoga props such as blankets, blocks and belts. This increases our understanding of poses and helps improve our practice.

The practice of Iyengar Yoga is progressive. You build a stable foundation before attempting more demanding work. For this reason, beginners start with standing yoga poses. A fuller range of postures are gradually introduced. These include sitting, reclining, forward extensions, inversions, twists, backbends and arm balances.

Each group of yoga postures develops the body in different yet reciprocal ways. Each has different qualities: grounding, energising, strengthening, stimulating, calming. Yoga Classes at all levels devote time to relaxation. Once the body and mind are strong enough to sit or lie for extended periods without distraction, students learn pranayama. This is a form of yogic breathing.

No two yoga classes are the same. Teachers select yoga poses from different groups to emphasise the various aspects of the practice.

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Bellur Krischnamachar - The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow
The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow


We advise absolute beginners to take our six-week Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course, or our 2-hour Beginners Yoga workshop. We want you to feel safe and confident on the mat before you join a bigger class.

Yoga builds strength and stamina, improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture and calms the mind. Regular practice develops awareness and concentration and promotes general wellbeing. There are numerous documented health benefits of yoga.

We recommend you come along at least once a week. In this way, you will see yourself progress quicker. We offer classes 6 days a week at the Glasgow studio. We also offer class passes to make coming regularly more affordable!

No. We provide all of the yoga equipment you will need, though some students prefer to bring their own. Mats are on sale at reception, for use in class or for practice at home.

Wear clothes that allow you to move freely. Avoid anything baggy or too long: it’s important you and the yoga teacher can see your knees and feet. Most people wear shorts or leggings and a T-shirt. Yoga is always practiced in bare feet.

The introductory course must be booked in advance. As the studio can only hold a small amount of students it is recommended to book for a 4 week block although “drop ins” are possible if there is enough space but this cannot always be guaranteed.

If you can attend a class dedicated to pregnancy yoga and you are 16 to 28 weeks pregnant, then no prior experience is necessary. If there is no pregnancy class available and you have been attending a regular class you can continue this from 16 weeks.

If you are pregnant and have never done any yoga before you will be unable to attend a class.