Gillian McKelvie The Yoga Extension

Meet your teacher Gillian!

Gillian has been practising yoga for over 20 years and gained her introductory certificate in 2018. She came to yoga from a sporting background and found that yoga helped her develop a more holistic approach to fitness.

Gillian works with Fusion Triathlon Club to help the athletes improve their flexibility, balance and core strength. The focus on alignment in Iyengar yoga is hugely beneficial in helping to prevent injury, so is an ideal discipline for athletes. Let’s ask her some questions!

What’s your favourite yoga asana (pose)?

It changes all the time. Currently I love Paryankasana with a bolster. I have a stiff upper back, so I dreaded back bends for a long time, but now they’re my favourite. Setu Bandha is also a real go-to pose for me.

What’s the asana you like least?

Kurmasana highlights all my problem areas – stiff upper back, shoulders and groin. But I’m trying to make sure I don’t avoid practising it, even though I’m no-where near the full pose. My heart sinks a little too when I hear the words “Warrior 3”!

What made you first try yoga?

An Iyengar teacher called Tom Yeudal came to take a regular lunchtime class in my workplace – and I was hooked! I was still very involved with sport at the time and I felt yoga brought a balance to my exercise regime and also helped with back pain I’d been experiencing over many years.

When I left that job it took a while to find the right class again, but then I found Frances and have been practising with her ever since.

What would you say to your pre-yoga self?

“Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.”

Not my own words of course, but definitely wise.

Gillian McKelvie The Yoga Extension

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