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Meet your teacher Andrew!

Andrew Paine has been practising yoga for over 13 years and has been teaching at the Yoga Extension since 2010. Andrew gained his Iyengar Junior Intermediate Level 2 in 2015.

Andrew’s classes are suitable for complete beginners and experienced practitioners of all ages. Andrew also teaches Introduction to Yoga courses throughout the year. We asked him to tell us a bit more about his yoga practice.

What’s your favourite yoga asana (pose)?

I’m enjoying Bakasana at the moment and Prasarita Ardha Chandrasana. (Ask him to show you next time you see him!)

What’s the asana you like least?

Every pose is a challenge. I used to dread certain asanas coming up in classes, convincing myself I couldn’t do them before I’d even gone into the pose. I catastrophised a future that hadn’t even happened yet. My mindset is less fixed now, I try not to see any pose as a block, but as an opportunity. Staying in the present helps. For me, that’s the most challenging thing about yoga, staying in the room, being in the moment, working in the now.

What made you first try yoga?

Curiosity. I had a bad back, picked up a book and practiced at home. It was an Iyengar book, but that was pure luck. I had no idea what I was doing, but it seemed to help. I needed a teacher and was lucky enough to find Bonar Hutchison’s studio. His classes were inspiring and playful. That was important to me. Yoga became a joy. I felt the benefits immediately.

What would you say to your pre-yoga self?

To quote a friend of mine: ‘faith is saying yes’

Andrew Paine - The Yoga Extension - Iyengar Yoga Classes Glasgow

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